Watson Earthbag Building

Hello, my name is watson clair jeune. This website was conceived,written, and organized by me in an effort to bring the concept of earthbag  building to the broadest possible audience.
It is offered with an attitude of good will toward all of those who might employ the ideas and further this very sustainable approch to building.

I have supervised earthbag building projects in Leogane and have considerable experience in earthbag building.
Any organization who needs to build in earthbag can contact me, I’m highly recommended.

If any one wants to know more they can visit these links:

Thanks for your interest in earthbag homes!


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  1. Earthbag building (sometimes called sandbag building) originated about 250 years ago to provide bulletproof and bomb-resistant shelters that could be quickly built for the military. In addition, sandbags have been widely used to control floods for decades. The same qualities that make earthbags useful for military and flood control purposes apply to building houses.

    Earthbag requires just a few simple materials- grain bags filled with soil or gravel, barbed wire and tools like shovels and buckets. A small shelter can be built for as little as a few hundred dollars. It is one of the lowest cost sustainable building systems in the world.

    People are discovering that in addition to being sustainable, earthbags are safe, quiet, durable, non toxic, rodent proof and resistant to bullets, floods and fire. when properly designed, earthbag structures can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. Because of this, builders, NGOs, research institutes and government agencies are using earthbags in affordable clinic, schools, emergency shelters and disaster resistant housing. Examples include earthbag school in the Philippines, Haiti and Sierra Leone, a clinic in Haiti,an eco-resort in Uganda, a ranger station in Utah, a temple in Thailand and Orphanages in Honduras, Belize, and Nepal.

    Low cost is a big reason for the growing popularity of earthbags , another aspect of sustainability is found in the economy of this method.watsonearthabg


    the builder

    • edwin r. lynch

      Am interested in building earthbag homes in Haiti have an idea to build 40 homes and other centres in north this will be a small permaculture village looking for right people to partner with me in bringing this project to life in 2016 have studied permaculture system and am now looking for Haitians that can help develop and run this farm please contact me at erldisplayco@aol.com I am located in Canada and am in cotact with another group in dame marie that are looking to do same project there

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